• 2 x HI-PAR Ratchet Ties
  • 2 x HI-PAR V-Hangers

The Hi-PAR Sunstorm Reflector has gained incredible popularity for garden connoisseurs and medical-grade cultivators. Featuring a unique engineered design to maximize light output from the CMH lamp, the Sunstorm cleverly dissipates excess heat from the bulb while improving the performance from your lamp.

The Sunstorm Reflector range is built tough, with incredibly durable external housing and precisely engineered MIRO aluminum reflective interior. This ensures the CMH Arc-Tube output is efficiently reflected back onto the crop with minimal wasted light.
Sunstorm Reflectors come with a PGZ18 thread as standard, removing the need for adaptors. These are the only Reflector that is custom designed for CMH 315w Technology and will outperform any retrofitted reflector alternatives.
Research has proven that CMH lamps are up to 15% more effective when used in CMH specific reflectors. Upgrade your dated batwing for the next generation SUNSTORM!