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Grow rooms have lots of light, but it’s not broad spectrum. Though this might be great for plants, it’s not so great for your eyes. Human eyes contain rods and cones, which need broad spectrum light in order to focus, recognize shapes, register movement, and see color. In a grow room environment, sunglasses make things worse by darkening all the light, so you squint less, but you still can’t see color, and it’s even more difficult to focus. Other grow glasses attempt to color balance the extreme light spectrum but use cheap plastic lenses with very poor clarity that distort light and are hazy or blurry.

With cheap grow room glasses, your eyes and brain work overtime to compensate. This leads to fatigue, headaches, seeing spots, and in some cases, experience damaging UV radiation. Your eyes are essential, and so is getting the most out of your grow. Don’t risk using sunglasses or cheap grow room glasses!


Who are Method 7?

We are a specialty optics company

We are a collaborative group of scientists, engineers and problem-solvers looking to unlock the potential of human vision by mastering the spectrum of visible light.
We got our start creating eyewear solutions for people in some of the world’s most extreme visual situations, such as growers with prolonged exposure to high-wattage lights and pilots traveling at mach speeds. We soon realized that the eyewear we were creating for these extraordinary circumstances could help everyday folks see better as well.
The result is the best of German, Italian and Japanese engineering, strung together with good old American ingenuity. Our eyewear helps you see better, but it also makes you look better. That’s because great design is innately beautiful. Function is fashion.
We look forward to continuing to push, question and explore. Better frames, better lenses, better eyes. And as we like to say: Vision Above All. Let us know if you have any questions. We love talking about what we do.