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1 Litre

5 Litre

20 Litre

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Massive is more than just a mineral base PK booster (Potassium & Phosphorus). Massive contains large quantities of organic plant stimulants including Triacontanol. The components in Massive work aggressively to produce and transport vital fluids and cell building materials to flower sites. This in turn creates truly massive stacked flower clusters full of aromatic essential oils.

Massive carefully blends L-form amino acids, vitamins and triacontanol in the perfect ratio for plant uptake. Naturally occurring gibberellins further increase internodal spacing in the plant. This allows more room for the flower to mature and swell to its full potential. In conjunction with triacontanol, the ratee of photosynthesis and CO2 utilization increases dramatically. Triacontanol enhances the physiological efficiency of plant cells and exploits the genetic potential of your plants. Triacontanol enhances terpene production, flavonoid production, flowering sites, flower size and most importantly flower MASS.

~ Green Plant