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ProCal is a valuable source of calcium, magnesium and iron. Calcium is crucial for healthy cell division, plant formation and vital in activating specific enzymes. Magnesium is directly responsible for chlorophyll production and assist the transport of key nutrients like phosphorus and iron. Iron is essential for chlorophyll production and some enzyme functions. ProCal is the ultimate substrate buffering and flushing solutions. ProCal improves the CEC ( Cation exchange capacity) of substrates for faster nutrient uptake. The results is vibrant plants with healthy, green foliage.

Flushing coco with water does not remove salt build up. It is a chemical bond that must be broken. Coco is made up of negatively charged cation exchange sites that attract excessive amounts of positively charged molecules such as potassium and sodium via their single positive bonds. Both are toxic to plants in high concentrations. These bonds can be broken by minerals with double positive bonds such as calcium and magnesium. This process replaces sodium with essential Cal/mag correcting substrate nutrient balance for explosive plant growth.