• 2 x HI-PAR Ratchet Ties
  • 2 x HI-PAR V-Hangers

The HI-PAR Duo Reflector is the first of its kind! This unique design features both E40 and PGZ18 brackets so users can mount 1 x 315w CMH lamp and 1 x 600w HPS E40 lamp in a single air-cooled reflector!
HI-PAR utilized the highest quality reflective MIRO aluminum and toughened steel housing to ensure durability and longevity in their design! The DUO Reflector is engineered for gardeners looking for increases in both the quality and quantity from their home produce!

The HI-PAR DUO allows cultivators to utilize the incredible spectrum of a CMH lamp with the raw power of HPS output. Mixed spectrums has proven to encourage healthier plant growth and improved yield from heavy fruiting crops.