Is your child mad about reptiles? Is all they talk about, reptiles?

Well how about throwing them a reptile Birthday Party?!

Maximum 20 children and we prefer to do the presentation before the children fill up on sugary treats.

We have many different species of reptiles that we can bring to their special day, including Bobtails, 3 species of Blue tongue, Bearded Dragons, Magnificent Tree Frogs, Northern Green

Tree Frogs, 2 species of Geckos and 7 species of pythons, over 25 animals to pat and hold.

We will stay for over an hour and a half of fun and learning for the children, big and small.

Radical Reptiles also offers a shorter and cheaper option, we will stay for an hour and bring bobtails, a blue tongue, bearded dragons, 3 stimsons pythons and 3 SW Carpet pythons, to share and handle.

Numbers are to be limited to 20 or under or it is too stressful for the animals, this option is only available within a 25km radius of Rockingham.

Radical Reptiles can also provide you with invitations, free of charge.

*Please note: It is our duty of care to make sure that the animals we provide are used to all sorts of situations and being handled, we are very aware of our reptiles behaviour and will put them away if we feel that they are becoming stressed.


WA metro area only, Radical Reptiles will travel as far south as Bunbury but will charge for travel time.

All of the children at a Radical Reptiles party have a wonderful time and a few who were frightened at first don’t want to give the reptiles back!


You've seen the rest now come see the best!