HI-PAR Mission HI-PAR strive to provide the most advanced horticultural technology. We procure the latest agricultural lighting, analysis and environmental regulation equipment.  Our business is built on innovation and a unique identity of conceiving practical original concepts. Our R&D team is always striving to enhance cultivation efficiency and output; without ever compromising consistency or quality. HI-PAR Ethos HI-PAR delivers the best quality agricultural equipment from global providers and manufacturers. We will only utilise the highest quality internal components to ensure true reliability and durability, in all applications. We understand that agri-equipment needs to withstand harsh environments including humidity and temperature fluctuations; our equipment is engineered in an ISO compliant factory to ensure all components are built to last. HI-PAR History Over the past 5 years we have built our brand with a reputation for performance and trustworthy lighting solutions. We back our products with incredible customer support and a variety of practical horticultural resources.
  Holland’s Next Generation of pioneering research and development based on optimized growth rates, yield, flavor, and aroma. "Mills Nutrients is designed from the ground up for performance, versatility, and ease of use. Made in the Dutch tradition of a two part base along with additives that provide your plants with everything they need and nothing they don’t; Mills is a pioneer in the field of bio-mineral plant nutrients, utilizing both synthetic and organic sources to optimize growth rates, yield, flavor, and aroma. Years of testing in soil, coco-coir, and hydroponic systems; in sterile systems or with beneficial biologics; in professional greenhouses and with hobbyist growers alike have led to a complete, easy to use line of products of unprecedented quality, providing all the nutritional elements your plants need with any growing method."
In 2003 Ken Thompson took a chance and opened an exclusive Reptile shop, while everything was starting out smoothly Ken felt the need to change things up a few years in, so he incorporated another hobby of his into the business, Hydroponics. Keeping reptiles and gardening hydroponically share the major aspect of simulating a natural environment indoors, so many of the products and equipment cross over between the two. Starting inventory small, as the business and the client base grew so did Kens reputation, not only was is he now known for his quality service and expert advise, he has gained himself the reputation of holding a large range of stock, its not often Ken can't get a hold of the product you're after. Now 15 years later, the business he has built from the ground up is going strong, he has managed to cement himself and his family business in a new and exciting industry. His dream job has come true.     Located at unit 7/117 Dixon Rd, Rockingham, Western Australia 6168, Open 7 days a week!! Pop in store, or call us on 08 9527 2215 Trading times: Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm Saturday: 9am – 3pm Sunday: 10am – 2pm
The Reptile and Grow Store carries a wide range of brands, including Hy-Gen Hydroponic Generations, House and Garden, Hi-Par, CYCO, Ozi Magic, Bio Diesel, Can Fan, Gorilla Grow Tent, Sea Hawk, Mills, Blue Lab, Reptile one, URS, Exo-Terra, Zoo-med and Anarchy Reptile to name a few. We pride ourselves in knowing we have fantastic stock, and A LOT of it, at great prices. Besides our clientele, we knew that the key to making the Reptile & Grow Store thrive, is to be able to offer competitive prices. This wouldn't be possible if we didn't have the right suppliers, with the best products. We as a team understand that having the best stocks available, would not make us the best if we didn't have the product knowledge and training to go along with it. We are constantly undergoing product training as new equipment comes onto the market, this ensures we know exactly what it is we are selling to you.   Located at unit 7/117 Dixon Rd, Rockingham, Western Australia 6168, Open 7 days a week!! Trading times: Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm Saturday: 9am – 3pm Sunday: 10am – 2pm
Knowledgeable staff, excellent service, quality products, and great stock holdings are the major strengths of the Reptile and Grow Store, as well as the unique claim of being Western Australia’s only exclusive reptile and hydroponic superstore. After 15 years in business, Ken and his wife Karen have learned a morsel of wisdom or two to pass on to others. Loving what you do, and genuine customer service are the keys to our success. We find that caring about our clients, being truthful and passing on the correct information is the key and the only way to secure the future of our business. Reptile and hydro for us is a win-win as we all love and specialise in what we do here. Stocking anything and everything you need for your hydroponic garden or reptile needs, from herb drying racks to top of the range lighting, grow tents, filtration systems, nutrients and additives, enclosures and all equipment needed to set up a habitat, cage care products, reptile food and of course the reptiles. With all the advice and help you need to have the garden all will envy and a happy and healthy reptile. Whether it be the uncommon questions of hydroponics, or simple advice in how to care for your reptiles Ken and the staff at the Reptile and Grow store are always available to help. Located at unit 7/117 Dixon Rd, Rockingham, Western Australia 6168, Open 7 days a week!! Pop in store, or call us on 08 9527 2215 Trading times: Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm Saturday: 9am – 3pm Sunday: 10am – 2pm