• 1 x HI-PAR 600w 400v (EL) Digital Ballast
  • 1 x HI-PAR DYNAMIC DE Reflector
  • 1 x 600w DE 400v (EL) Euro Horticultural lamp
  • 2 x HI-PAR Ratchet Ties

Our seriously powerful 1000w HPS kit for production horticulture! The 1000w Dynamic DE Pro Kit contains everything you need for rapid plant development in commercial applications! The backbone of this kit is our 1000w 400v (EL) Digital Ballast, operating a European DE (Double-Ended) 1000w 400v EL Horticultural HPS Lamp; housed in our new release Dynamic DE Adjustable Reflector, this is a truly adaptable kit!

For improved heat management, the ballast can be mounted onto the reflector, or operated remotely outside of the production area. The Dynamic reflector also allows you to adjust the ventilation for greater heat management and consistent light output footprint. See our Dynamic Reflector listing for more information.