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1 Litre

5 Litre

20 litre

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PK Spike is formulated to provide the perfect ratio of phosphorus and potassium for you flowering plants. PK Spike increases flower formation and crop quality. A correctly timed dose of PK Spike will signal the plant to direct energy to the end of the stems, orchestrating a precise spike in flower production.

Phosphorus aids with energy transfer in the flowering stage and strengthens cell formation. As A result, it improves quality and increases flower size, weight and potency. Phosphate deficient plants take longer to initiate flowering with fewer flower sites and restricted flower size.
Potassium helps with regulation of every phase of a plants growth and multiple plant functions including starch and carbohydrate synthesis which is essential in the development of large and healthy leaf tissue. potassium deficient plants will never meet their full potential.

~ Green Planet